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Dieta up day down day čarolija

it makes me feel awful that i go half the day without eating anything at all, and then some cake comes along and ruins it all.I'm not saying I must drink on Friday AND Saturday! Doing it because I think it's an easy, cheap way to be healthier. I doubt that will happen, so I'm going to shoot for a goal of at least 1900 calories. Height, - 5'7 and a tad Current, - 138 High, - 180's Low, - 120's Goal Weights, - 118- 120I havent done my measurements as of yet but as soon as I get a tape measure I will post them , hope that is fine for now. I have a question though, I know people suggest you eat protein shakes/bars during the first 2 weeks for your down days, but is that really necessary?? I have put on so much weight recently, I used to be so slim and I've just really let myself go :( It's time to take action and stop pretending it's not happening.All of the sudden, I have to start going into work early on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I'm planning to not drink Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Oh well, not really doing it for the diet--that's just a happy side effect. So here are the stats: Age 22Ht 5'9"Wt 130bust 32"waist 24"hips 37"thighs 21"Today I shall be downing at 782 calories, and tomorrow shall be upping at 2235 calories.What I will say is I have problems with certain things in my life and that greatly affects my weight gain and what do you guys do when this type of situation comes up?

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