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I have learned that you have to be sneaky sometimes “to make them” […] Why I hate „pre-pregnancy weight” phrase and love „fit and healthy” As a mom of two kids I am happy with my weight now.Antonio Villarino, vice president of Sociedad Española de Dietética y Ciencias de la Alimentación (Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences) announced that there is no ideal anti-aging diet because if there was one, we would all be going on it.According to Villarino, there is no ideal diet to combat aging because aging is a multifactorial problem. I am taking advantage of light felling around me, and transferring it to my plate. Agata Lean legs in 14 days If you are fed up with doing squat and lunges you should try doing something new.In conclusion, anti-aging diets do not exist because no diet will bring back your youth but there are diets designed to slow down your aging process that will maintain not only your appearance but also your health.I am very conscious when it comes to food shopping and yes, I am picky too.Although there is no perfect diet to combat aging there are many ways to eat healthy in order to slow down the body’s aging process and maintain your youth a bit longer.The answer is […] 30 minutowy trening na szczupłe ciało 30 minutowy trening na szczupłe ciało Osobiście stwierdzam że jestem ogromną szczęściarą.How about a brand new exciting workout to get your legs lean and toned? You will need to turn intensity up just a nudge […] Almond porridge with honey roasted peaches As my clean eating plan goes really well so far I have decided to share with you some of my favourite recipes.

The latest and most interesting information about beauty and body treatments plus the best homemade solutions and remedies to treat the most common aesthetic problems, so that health and beauty can be within reach of all. They are […] Drodzy czytelnicy W związku z problemami technicznymi, zostaliśmy zmuszeni przenieść bloga apetytnafitness i kontynuować wpisy pod nową nazwą.I really need good start […] My clean eating shopping list Eating healthy and nutritious food is priority in my house.We recommend you to consult your doctor before starting any physical training or weight loss program.It was just yesterday when I was shopping in one of local shops for fruits and vegetables.

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